Perspectiva de la juventud actual en relación con la evolución del feminismo

AutorMarí­a José Núñez
CargoInvestigadora Jurí­dica, Vaca Abogados,
117Revista Facultad de Jurisprudencia RFJ No.4 Diciembre 2018
Perspectiva de la juventud actual en
relación con la evolución del feminismo
The Perspective of Today’s Young People in
Regards to Feminism’s Evolution
María José Núñez
Investigadora Jurídica, Vaca Abogados
Artículo Original (Miscelánea)
RFJ, No. 4, 2018, pp. 117-134, ISSN 2588-0837
RESUME N: este proyecto tiene como finalid ad, describir una real idad
que afecta a la mayorí a de la población femenina y en ciertos aspectos
también a la población ma sculina, la luch a por la igualdad. Reiv indicar
por movimientos como el femin ismo. Este movimiento será anal izado
desde sus orígenes a la lu z de las múltiples posturas que h an surgido a
través de los años. Además, se enfocará en la importancia y la form a
en que este movimiento ha c ausado impacto “positivo” y “negativo” en
la sociedad contemporánea y cómo es tos han sido div ulgados.
PALABRAS CLAVE: evolución, fenómeno, ideología, discr iminación, le-
AB STR ACT: the purpose of this project i s to describe a reality
that affects t he majority of the female population and in certain
aspects al so the male population, the struggle for equality. Claim for
movements like feminism. This movement will be analyzed from its
origins in the light of the multiple positions that have emerged over
the years. In addition, it will focus on t he importance and t he way in
which this movement ha s caused “positive” and “negative” impacts on
contemporary societ y and how these have been disseminated .
KEY WORDS: evolution, phenomenon, ideology, discrimination,
118Revista Facultad de Jurisprudencia RFJ No.4 Diciembre 2018
Behind the term feminism is a long history filled w ith strug gles and
efforts: initially by women, and over time, w ith the support of men as
well. Knowledge of this topic al lows people to understand why, even in
the 21st century, the fig ht continues to obtain equa l rights and put a n end
the machismo t hat has always exis ted. However, with time, t he meaning
of feminism ha s been lost, creating confusion by leavin g behind the
beginni ngs of struggle that our female ancestors went throug h in order
to achieve equality i n certain aspects t hat we now enjoy.
In order to understand what defines feminism, we must understand
its origins in the French Revolution, since in this strug gle—in which
both men and women participated—only men obtai ned a benefit. This
resulted in women want ing to be taken into account, not only as objec ts,
but as people with the sa me rights as m ales; this event is therefore
considered the occurrence which allowed femini sm to form part of a
“revolution” of a group of women, and not just an idea that m any had
and longed for.
We will then analyze important events that marked advances for
feminism i n different times and pl aces, as well as how this s mall str uggle
gained popularity and impor tance and changed the lives of women,
opening up opport unities for them to enjoy their rights: mainly in the
political, soc ial, economic and educational a reas, and in their sexua lity.
In addition, these events seek to denounce the mistreatment suffered
by women during var ious periods and in different ways at t he hands of
men and by other women. We will discuss major examples of women
who decided to rebel against t he traditional a nd take a step forward to
demonstrate their sk ills and counteract the idea that bei ng a woman is
considered a disadvant age.
Feminism in modern times wil l be addressed, as will the influence of
past stru ggles and how they gave women a free pass to a life, while not
completely equal to that of men, nonetheles s with certain advantages
for enjoying right s as human beings.
At present, the stru ggle of feminism has been divided i nto two parts:
the people who still st ruggle for the ideology of a free place a nd equality
between all; a nd, on the other hand, those who fig ht for the superiority
of women over men, in which the true concept of what is behind the

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